Spyder founder David Jacobs creates and produces the first ever padded race sweater. Race enthusiasts around the world immediately flock to this ground breaking new piece of equipment.


David Jacobs takes his new race apparel and founds what will soon become the leader in alpine ski apparel and outerwear.


Building off the popularity of the padded race sweater, Spyder develops and produces the first ever speed suit. Utilizing advancaed materials and construction, the speed suit helps propel racers to new speeds and records.


In less than a decade Spyder has become a leader in the development and production of alpine and race gear. Seeing the potential for a competitive advantage and a desire to work with an American company, the U.S. Ski Team signs on with Spyder as the official team supplier.


Constantly looking to push the limits of speed and technology, Spyder creates Speedwyre. This advancement in race suit construction gives racers a massive advantage and is quickly banned from competition by the FIS. Spyder continues to research and develop fabrics and construction techniques to improve the performance of the worlds best athletes.


The world of ski is starting to change as we move into a new millenium. Freeski is becoming more and more popular. Spyder looks to lead the charge by launching Team Venom. Legends in the making CR Johnson, Seth Morrison & JP Auclair headline the most progressive team on snow.


The list of professional Alpine Ski Teams wanting to wear Spyder products continues to grow. A relative newcomer to the Alpine Race community, the Jamaican Alpine Ski Team is looking to burst onto the scene. Spyder is just the brand to help them do that.


With Spyder GT the brand made a brief foray into the world of auto racing, aiming to provide the right apparel needed for a lifestyle of speed and freedom that Spyder’s heritage is built upon. New raw materials were used that were functionally captivating and introduced fresh silhouettes.


Nearly two decades after the initial foray into freeskiing with the Venom line, Spyder launched a completely reimagined line for the new school of freeskiing.